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10 Reasons To See A Physiotherapist

Are you having one or more of these symptoms? If your answer is yes, you might need to go see a physiotherapist.

  • If a body part is sore
  • Certain movements, postures, and activities are triggering or worsening your injury or pain
  • Pain lingering for weeks
  • You feel prone to get particular pain or injuries due to your lifestyle or profession (think athletes or office workers working in the same posture for long time intervals)

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How Does a Physiotherapist Help with Injuries or Pain?

Physiotherapists are qualified to treat musculoskeletal issues. They can help you by utilizing a combination of hands-on therapy, massages, acupuncture, exercise, and education to ensure optimal physical health and work with you on your path to recovery. 


Here are Ten Ways a Physiotherapist can help you:

Sports injuries

Be it Professional athletes, sportsmen or people who like to exercise for good health, injuries can wear out the best of them. Physiotherapy can help them to speed up the rehabilitation process as well as educating them to prevent the injuries to reoccur.

Automobile injuries

Automobile injuries and workplace accidents require extreme care. Follow up with a physiotherapist for evaluation and therapies often gives better long-term results.

Range of Motion

Are you suffering from an injury that has limited your range of motion or is making movement painful, affecting your daily routine activities? Lesser the movement, the smaller your range of motion will get- making it crucial to find ways to maintain your range of motion, even if the injured area is limiting active movement. This is where physiotherapy treatment plays a vital part.

Physiotherapy enables the patient to maintain their range of motion and mobility by employing various treatments and passive movement. A physiotherapist will also teach you a few exercises you have to do at home, which will ensure that you keep moving the joints and avoid losing too much range of movement during the recovery period.


Throughout pregnancy, major changes in weight distribution in the abdominal region can lead to drastic postural changes. These postural changes exhibit as back pain and pain in the hip and sacral region. Physiotherapy can help in these cases.

Chronic pain

While Prescription medications are a good option for short term pain relief, but they simply mask the pain. For long term relief, finding the underlying root cause followed by appropriate treatment is crucial for the injury to heal completely. A physiotherapist can help to reduce the chronic pain cycle and with the help of exercises and therapies like acupuncture guiding them back to activity.

Musculoskeletal conditions 

Musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions, affect people in different age groups. Physiotherapy and movement-based therapies can help these conditions.

Weight management

Obesity is one of the most widespread problems affecting individuals worldwide. A physiotherapist can help with your weight loss routine after evaluation of your health needs.

Breast Health

Breast cancer patients undergo treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery which can give rise to different complications afterward. These can include tightness, stiffness, swelling, fullness, and weakness in the affected chest and arm region. A physiotherapist qualified in breast health can deliver non-chemical and effective treatment options.


Dizziness, vertigo, and nausea can be symptomatic of different conditions & medications Symptoms may vary in their severity, lasting from a few seconds to several months. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy promotes vestibular modification which is a safe and drug-free option for balance improvement to minimize dizziness.

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Physical rehabilitation and exercise

Rehabilitation plays a vital role in your healing & recuperation. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent the same or further injury to occur. With effective treatments, after a certain period of time & guidelines, you can often start using the injured part.

Be it a sports injury, rehabilitation process of an illness or an accident, chronic pain, nerve injuries or muscle sprains and strains, physiotherapy treatment can do wonders for you and prevent further injuries. So if you need to see a physiotherapist, here’s how to find one.  And learn more about pain management through physiotherapy by contacting our team at Fountain Wellness.