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Postpartum Massage

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post natal massage for moms

Giving birth is a miraculous process but can also be physically and emotionally taxing. Many new mothers choose to get a postpartum massage to help them relax and recover. And is a way to help moms to heal from the stress of childbirth.

What Is Postpartum Massage?

Postpartum is a therapeutic massage designed for women who have recently given birth. This type of massage can help reduce post-birth symptoms like pain and inflammation and promote healing and relaxation.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage

Muscle Relaxation

It alleviates physical and psychological stress by lowering stress hormones, relaxing muscles, and increasing circulation. While some women like a gentle touch massage, others prefer a deeper massage that penetrates the muscles and soft tissues of the body for a more thorough recovery.

Pain Alleviation 

Aches and pains are common after childbirth. A post natal massage can alleviate pain, especially in areas like the back, shoulders, and aching arms more susceptible to injury. Chest massage also improves the mobility of the shoulders and reduces breast pain.

Hormone Regulation

Estrogen levels go up a lot during pregnancy and then down after the baby is born. A massage after giving birth can help balance your hormones and your mood. Dopamine and serotonin are two neurotransmitters made by the body and have been linked to depression. Massage can help keep these hormones in check.

Swelling Was Alleviated 

A massage for moms can help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping the body more easily digest excess fluid and return to a normal state.

Enhanced Sleep

It’s normal to feel tired after giving birth, especially if you have to take care of your baby. Fundal massage can help you feel less tired, help you relax, and help you sleep better.

Breastfeeding Has Improved

Prolactin, a lactation hormone that boosts milk production, is increased by massage.


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You’ve just given birth, and it’s time to care for your new child. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Your body has undergone numerous changes during pregnancy, and you’ll need to give it some extra time and effort to relax and recuperate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Massage after giving birth can be just as important and beneficial. The numerous changes that come with pregnancy can be treated effectively and holistically with postpartum bodywork. You might be surprised to learn that you receive much more than a spa getaway.

Because it is for labour recovery, this massage differs from a typical massage. In place of deep targeted pressure points, your postpartum massage therapist will utilize highly light pressure and broad strokes. Rather than focusing on a few tight muscles, your postpartum massage therapist will give you a whole body massage.

If you bleed more after your lochia gets smaller, you may need to slow down and rest more. If you keep getting clots, it could mean that your uterus has trouble getting back to the size it was before you got pregnant.