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A Physiotherapist’s Role in Chronic Pain Relief

physiotherapy for chronic pain

Chronic pain can be life-changing and adversely affect nearly every aspect of your daily routine and day-to-day life. People who suffer from chronic pain are not always easy to spot visually, meaning the cause of pain can be potentially internal, deep in muscle tissue or joint areas. Medication, generally targets the symptoms of chronic pain but, by itself, is seldom used to overcome the root issue. Physiotherapy is a treatment, that can mitigate the effects of the pain and simultaneously address the root causes.

Physiotherapists are essential in managing chronic pain as they have a deep understanding of the root cause of your issue and how to directly treat and rehabilitate the problem area. Working with educated in modern physiotherapy methods and techniques can improve your overall quality of life, help you function on a higher level, and allow you to maintain your lifestyle and everyday activities.


Treating Your Chronic Pain with Proven Methods

If you are suffering from the effects of chronic pain, you will find valuable information and suggestions. This article will help you understand the treatments happening inside the clinic and help you understand the process. How does seeing a physiotherapist help you find treatment for your condition and ultimately lead to a better quality of life?

  1. Exercise therapy – with many injuries, specific muscles, tendons or ligaments are compromised and requires exercise to target and strengthen them. This type of physiotherapy involves  pain-reducing exercises to initiate mobility and help patients on the path to being active again. The exercises are usually based on the patient’s needs and goals in improving their strength and counteracting the damaging effects of the injury.
  2. Manual therapy – Also known as “hands-on” therapy. This method involves a physiotherapist systematically mobilizing your joints to help you restore a range of motion and get back the ability to walk, sit, stand and run without feeling constant pain. Aside increasing joint mobility, muscle stretching and exercises on the affected body part are also integral to this treatment.
  3. Soft tissue treatment – this treatment is performed through massaging and stretching to reduce discomfort and pain, and improve movement. Physiotherapists are experienced in a wide range of soft tissue treatments including but not limited to: acupuncture, deep-tissue massage, shockwave therapy and numerous others depending on your needs.
  4. Postural exercise – postural exercises include Pilates and other compound exercises- these are considered to be extremely effective in treating chronic pain. It is proven to help neck and back pain given that it is not intense as other physical exercises, yet helps build control and assists in making the patient stronger. This is also beneficial to those who want to do their treatment at home since experts can provide a program for home postural exercises. A physiotherapist will design an entire regimen for you to take home and practice and show you the correct way and sequence with which to perform these exercises. 
  5. Heat and Cold Therapy treatment – this type of treatment is effective in desensitizing pain through heat which helps the muscles to relax, improve blood circulation and flow and decreases pain. On the other hand, cold therapy reduces blood flow, numbs a particular area, and slows down your pain receptors to reduce pain. These treatments in conjunction can provide immense relief for numerous injuries including those of the lower back.

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Work with Professional Physiotherapists

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