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Fotona Body TightSculpting

Fotona Tightsculpting™ is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive laser treatment that effectively reduces fat, sculpts, transforms, and tightens any area of the body. Fotona Tightsculpting is both safe and comfortable. It yields highly effective results for patients who have tried other methods, yet struggle with minor skin laxity or stubborn fat.


  1. High success rate
  2. Non-Invasive and works on all skin types
  3. Safe and effective on all body areas
  4. Gentle deep tissue heating and very comfortable
A medical procedure called tight sculpting

How It Works

Fotona Tightsculpting™ is a non-invasive, dual-wavelength laser treatment system delivering controlled heat to targeted areas. This tightens and sculpts skin across many areas of the body. The dual modes work synergistically to create an excellent result for all body types. First, the PIANO pulse gently and comfortably heats fat cells and tightens the skin. Next, the skin is pulsed with SMOOTH mode, reducing skin laxity, and creating maximum tightening.

What To Expect


15 - 60 Min

Recommended Sessions

Gradual Improvement with Each Treatment

Recovery Time


Pain Level

None to Mild

Results Last

6-12 Months