Acupuncture Care


Acupuncture is one of the oldest wellness treatments in the world. It has been used for thousands of years in China as alternative medicine that both promotes wellness and treats certain illnesses and conditions. Today, acupuncture is recognized and practiced around the world by millions of people for countless conditions and concerns.

Acupuncture services can help you treat and manage a variety of conditions. The following guide will help you understand what acupuncture can treat, whether or not it may be the best option for you, and what an actual acupuncture treatment feels like.

What Can Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture can treat a host of different conditions and concerns, ranging from health problems to illnesses and in-between. The following are some of the most common conditions which are treated through acupuncture; although the list is non-contrastive, it covers some of the most common conditions that cause people to seek out acupuncture treatments.

  • Headaches. Headaches, including chronic headaches like migraines and tension headaches, can be managed and reduced via acupuncture.
  • Chronic back pain. Chronic back pain caused by conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis and more can be treated with acupuncture.
  • Women’s health issues. Issues related to women’s health such as cramps caused by PMS can be relieved via acupuncture.
  • Cancer treatment side effects. Certain side effects of cancer treatments, such as nausea from chemotherapy, can be reduced with acupuncture treatments.
  • Fibromyalgia. This chronic pain disorder causes both fatigue and chronic, widespread pain throughout the muscles; all of which can be treated via acupuncture.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome and its often devastating effects can be treated via acupuncture.
  • Respiratory disease symptoms. Respiratory disease symptoms like asthma can be treated with acupuncture.
  • Injuries from sports. Injuries caused by playing sports, especially repetitive stress injuries, can be treated via acupuncture.

Should You Receive Acupuncture?

Acupuncture does not require a medical referral, although it does not hurt to talk with your physician about your desire to pursue acupuncture treatments. You can have a consultation appointment with an acupuncturist who will be able to evaluate you, discuss your current health and conditions, and help you decide whether or not acupuncture is the right treatment for you. When you receive a consultation, the acupuncturist may check blood pressure, blood sugar, and other medical factors which will play a role in their decision about your acupuncture treatments.

What is an Acupuncture Treatment Like?

Acupuncture treatment is relatively simple. During treatment, your acupuncturist will start by prepping the areas where the treatment will be focused on. They will first clean the area with alcohol and then insert the first sterilized needles into the pre-selected body points. These needles have various levels of length and thinness which will depend on the body points being treated.

Acupuncture treatment does not hurt, although people who are new to acupuncture may find the sensation strange the first time around. Once you are used to the treatment, however, it will begin to feel more natural. The effects of acupuncture treatment typically start immediately and can be felt anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the condition being treated.

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