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Active Rehab Program

At Fountain Wellness

active rehab therapy

Fountain Wellness is committed to assisting individuals in reclaiming strength, enhancing mobility, and attaining peak physical functionality through our active rehab programs. Our personalized care and tailored rehabilitation programs are designed to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition, our active rehab centre is dedicated to providing the support you need.

What is Active Rehabilitation?

Active rehabilitation is a new program at Fountain Wellness designed to help patients recover from injury or surgery. It is also known as High Tolerance Short Duration (HTSD) rehab because it involves intensive therapy for a short period. It is usually recommended after an injury that has affected your ability to work, play, or perform daily activities.

The program has three main goals:

  • Assist and enhance patients’ ability to perform daily activities and meet their basic needs.
  • Maintain the health and well-being of patients.
  • Provide a safe transition from the hospital to home.

Patients receiving treatment in acute care settings experience decreased strength and abilities. It can be risky for them to return directly to their community. Active rehabilitation supports patients to recover as quickly as possible.

Why is Active Rehab Important?

Active rehab offers numerous benefits, mainly increased function, strength, and reduced pain. It empowers clients to take control of their rehabilitation journey and builds confidence in performing exercises and tasks they did before their injury. The goal is to progress the client to confidently resume most or all of their pre-injury activities.

Having personal training with us, you can prevent future injuries, do daily tasks better, and return to your pre-injury activities. The body mechanics of a human is designed to move to increase the capacity of life. Research shows that exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, mental health, and overall health outcomes, reduces the risk of disease and injury, and more.

For Whom is Active Rehab Intended?

This program is suitable for various individuals. It is for those who want to regain their ability to perform daily activities or engage in sports, those experiencing pain, and those looking to improve function and strength. This can benefit post-concussion, musculoskeletal injuries (muscle, bone, or tendon), preparation for surgery, post-surgery strengthening, car or motor vehicle accident injury, and more.

How is Active Rehab Different from Physiotherapy or Kinesiology?

Both physiotherapists and kinesiologists know about active rehab and include it in their practice. However, physiotherapists are trained in passive modalities like massage, electrical stimulation, and active rehab. 

On the other hand, kinesiologists mainly focus on active rehabilitation and do not typically perform passive modalities. Active rehab is a kinesiologist’s primary role as a rehab practitioner. They work with clients to create a program that suits their injury and goals, focusing on increasing mobility and strength.

Active rehabilitation is different from other forms of rehab. It lies in regaining strength, endurance, and functional abilities through stretching and light exercises. Other forms of rehab, such as massage, chiropractics, and physiotherapy, will not prioritize exercise-based methods to regain strength and function. Passive treatments are helpful, but active rehabilitation can strengthen you and enable you to return to your regular activities faster.

Personalized Approach to Active Rehabilitation

An active rehab program is tailored specifically to your needs. It considers the condition of the human body and its past experiences. The program usually begins with stretches and exercises slightly easier than your current abilities, gradually increasing in difficulty as you recover from your injury. 

Professional healthcare providers at Fountain Wellness create personalized plans for patients. The team includes:

  • Physiotherapists who use one on one sessions to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, and mobility.
  • Massage therapists help patients adapt to supportive devices and develop skills for daily tasks like washing and dressing.
  • Kinesiologists who work with physiotherapists to achieve patient-centred goals, support discharge plans, and apply exercise and movement science for overall health and well-being.

Patients within this program can tolerate more intense therapy, which allows them to be discharged within days or weeks. In contrast, patients in slow-stream rehab require lower-intensity therapy and longer stays.

In addition to meeting patients’ therapeutic needs, the program helps alleviate capacity pressures in the healthcare system. By providing specialized inpatient therapy, Fountain Wellness ensures that rehabilitation patients receive timely and specialized care while facilitating the flow of patients from acute care.

active rehab therapy

We Help Clients Recover

active rehab therapy

Physical Therapy

Our experienced physiotherapists will assess your condition and plan the prescribed exercises to solve your needs. We aim to restore function, reduce pain, and improve your overall quality of life through manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and modalities.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists focus on helping individuals regain independence and improve their ability to perform daily activities. We offer comprehensive evaluations and treatments to address challenges of self-care, productivity, and leisure activities. We aim to help you maximize your functional abilities and regain confidence in your daily routines.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Our exercise rehabilitation programs are designed to enhance your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Whether recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or looking to prevent injuries, our exercise professional will create a specific program to meet your goals. We provide one-on-one guidance and support throughout your journey to ensure safe and effective progress.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

If you’ve sustained a sports-related injury, our sports rehabilitation programs can help you recover and return to your game stronger than ever. Our skilled therapists have extensive experience treating various sports injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and joint dislocations. We employ advanced techniques and modalities to accelerate healing, reduce pain, and optimize performance.

Pain Management

Our Active Rehab Centre offers comprehensive pain management programs to help chronic pain patients. Our multidisciplinary approach combines physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, modalities, and educational resources to reduce pain, improve functionality, and enhance overall well-being. 

Fall Prevention

If you’re concerned about falls or have experienced a fall in the past, our fall prevention program can help you improve your balance, strength, and coordination. Our skilled therapists will assess your risk factors and develop a tailored program to enhance your stability and reduce the likelihood of future falls. We aim to promote confidence and independence in daily activities through targeted exercises and education.

active rehab therapy

What Will I Do During an Active Rehabilitation Session?

In the initial assessment of an active rehabilitation session, our registered kinesiologist will create a personalized exercise program called a treatment plan based on your goals, current abilities, and injury diagnosis by a doctor’s referral. Each program is unique because everyone’s body and condition are different. During your first session, our kinesiologist will assess your body movement and strengths to determine the focus of your customized plan.

The program will be tailored to your needs and can be done alongside other treatments like massage therapy, physiotherapy, or acupuncture. Our kinesiologist will collaborate with other practitioners, with your permission, to create a comprehensive and effective treatment plan that includes exercises to help restore mobility.

The specific exercises and techniques used will depend on your condition. For instance, how we treat concussion symptoms caused by a motor vehicle accident or sports injury will differ from how we treat a low back or foot injury.

Your rehab journey will involve various components designed by our kinesiologist to address your specific condition:

Resistive Exercise

This involves performing exercises that utilize resistance, such as weights, resistance bands, or your body weight, to build strength. These exercises target specific muscles or muscle groups, helping to increase muscle mass, improve muscle tone, and enhance overall strength.

Balance and Agility Training

This is designed to improve your stability, coordination, and proprioception (awareness of your body in space). You can enhance your balance and agility through various exercises, such as balancing one leg or navigating obstacle courses, essential for daily activities and preventing falls.

Range of Motion Training

This focuses on improving your flexibility by performing exercises and stretches that aim to increase the range of motion in your joints. It helps enhance your mobility and allows for smoother and more fluid movements.

Strength and Endurance Training

This component focuses on increasing your fitness level by targeting strength and endurance. It involves performing exercises that challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system. You can improve your muscle strength, endurance, and overall stamina by progressively increasing the exercises.

Aerobic Conditioning

This involves exercising, elevating your heart rate, and improving cardiovascular health. Activities like brisk walking, cycling, or swimming are commonly used to increase your aerobic capacity, strengthen your heart and lungs, and enhance your cardiovascular fitness.

Take the First Step Towards Recovery at Fountain Wellness

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